Peach Daiquiri

Absolutely stunning when you’re tanned, this beautiful coral shade by Essie will look so good on you as a Daiquiri!!



Brand: Essie

Price: 12€

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Advanced Night Repair

Possibly the mother of all serums, this is kind of the “elixir of Gods” for perfect skin. It’s soft, it blends perfectly when you apply it, and it’s said to repair all the damages done to your skin by pollution, sun and other external factors. It also prepares your skin for the next day. I like it because you only need a couple of drops, it leaves a fresh and calm feeling on your skin, and in a few days of use. it clearly leaves your skin more radiant. By Estée Lauder.



Brand: Estée Lauder

Price: 74,50€

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Pompei oil

This oil is very expensive yet so much effective. It’s a scar healer, it softens the skin and creates a protective film on your private parts, and it alleviates the stinging. Yes, this oil is mainly used by women to prevent dryness and some infections such as vaginitis and cystitis. You might one to get a bottle once you’r over 35…



Brand: Pompeia

Price: 35€

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Huile de Nuit

If you want your skin to glow (in a good sense) no matter what type you are (oily, dry, normal), you have to try this oil/serum by Caudalie. You shall use it twice a week at night, after cleaning your face with a cleanser and a cleanse balm. You can either use it alone or before your usual night cream. Only 6 drops and you will wake up the morning after with the softest skin you’ve ever had.



Brand: Caudalie

Price: 31,90€

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First time I ever fell in love with a Benefit product, it was with this one. I love how it leaves a “natural sweet girl of the prairie after a sunny spring afternoon” shade on your lips.I know it’s also for cheeks, but I barely use it for that.



Brand: Benefit

Price: 28€

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